Paris: Eiffel Tower Summit Or Second Floor Access – Unforgettable Views and Historical Insights

Experience the Iconic Eiffel Tower on a Guided Tour of Paris’ Most Famous Landmark

This section provides an overview of a guided tour experience that includes panoramic views of the city, historical insights into the iconic Eiffel monument, and skip-the-line access to either the second tier or top floor entry. Visitors are met by a knowledgeable travel guide who offers insight into the history and construction of Gustave Eiffel’s masterpiece. The activity duration is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, during which visitors can admire stunning views from above, including viewing platforms for Notre Dame Cathedral and Les Invalides.

There are two admission varieties: access to the second level or summit option. Both options start at the History Group Office where visitors exchange their voucher for tickets before making their way to the Eiffel Tower entrance. This skip-the-line ticket ensures that waiting time is minimized – although it should be noted that there may still be waiting time for security checks and elevators due to its popularity as a tourist destination.

Choose Between Second Level or Summit Access for Stunning Paris Views

The entrance options available for this activity provide a choice between accessing the second level or summit of the Eiffel Monument in Paris. The second tier option provides access to an observation deck that is 115 meters above ground level, while the top floor entry provides access to an observation deck that is 276 meters above ground level. Both entry choices offer stunning views of Paris from different heights and perspectives.

Visitors who choose to go straight to the summit will have exclusive access to a dedicated elevator that takes them directly up to the highest point of the monument. Alternatively, visitors who opt for the second-floor access can take another elevator or climb up stairs to reach higher levels if they wish. Overall, visitors should choose an entrance option based on their fitness level, time constraints, and preference for panoramic views from either height levels.

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Visiting the Eiffel Tower: A Guide to the Levels and Highlights

Getting There: Stairs vs Lifts

The Eiffel Tower stretches 324 meters high and has three accessible levels for visitors. Here is an overview of the pros and cons of taking the stairs versus the lifts:


  • Pros:
    • More active climb up 704 steps
    • Better view of intricate ironwork and Paris from different angles
    • Can take breaks at landings
  • Cons:
    • Very tiring and time consuming
    • Not accessible for those with limited mobility


  • Pros:
    • Saves time and energy
    • Accessible for those with limited mobility
  • Cons:
    • Less scenic views on ascent
    • May be long lines and wait times
MethodTime EstimateHighlights
Stairs45-60 minutesIronwork details, changing views
Lifts15-20 minutesQuick access, no stairs

When deciding between stairs or lifts, consider your physical abilities, time constraints, priorities for sightseeing, and accessibility needs.

First Floor

The first or intermediate floor stands 57 meters high and offers a glimpse into the history and construction of this landmark:

  • Exhibitions with historical photos, drawings, and displays about Gustave Eiffel
  • Stunning views of Paris landmarks like Notre Dame and Les Invalides
  • Access point for stairs up to second floor or lifts to higher levels

The first floor is ideal for visitors who want a taste of the tower’s history and views without going all the way to the top. It also serves as a gateway for continuing the journey to the upper floors.

Second Floor

At 115 meters high, the second floor features both indoor and outdoor observation areas, restaurants, souvenir shops, and access to the summit:

  • Panoramic views of Paris landmarks
  • 2 restaurants and souvenir shops
  • Open-air observation deck
  • Access point for lifts to the summit

The second floor balanced facilities with spectacular city vistas. It satisfies visitors seeking great views who don’t require the summit experience.

Third Floor Summit

At the highest point of the Eiffel Tower, the third floor summit offers unmatched views and access to multiple observation decks:

  • 360° panoramic views stretching for miles
  • Unique vantage point to see landmarks like Notre Dame, Les Invalides, Montmartre, La Defense
  • Fewer crowds than second floor
  • Once-in-a-lifetime experience and photo opportunity

Reaching the summit is a must for visitors wanting the full Eiffel Tower experience. It guarantees an unforgettable perspective on Paris from above that should not be missed.

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Deciding How High to Ascend the Eiffel Tower: Second Floor or Top Summit?

The decision of how high to ascend at the iconic Paris landmark, the Eiffel monument, can be a difficult one. For those seeking a more exclusive and once-in-a-lifetime experience, the peak access option is available. This allows visitors to reach the highest point of the tower and enjoy a breathtaking view of Paris from above. However, for those who prefer a wider field of view and do not mind sharing their experience with other tourists, the middle level or second tier access may be more suitable. From these levels, visitors can admire panoramic views of Paris that include notable landmarks such as Notre Dame Cathedral and Les Invalides.

Regardless of which option is chosen, ascending to either level provides an unforgettable experience at one of the world’s most recognizable structures. Each level offers its own unique perspective on Paris and its surroundings. The decision on how high to go ultimately comes down to individual preferences for views and exclusivity. With both options available for visitors to choose from, it’s no wonder that ascending the Eiffel Tower remains a must-do activity in Paris.

As you consider your ticket options for accessing the Eiffel Tower summit or second floor levels, keep in mind your preference for height along with factors like tour guides providing informative presentations about French history or skipping long lines by purchasing ahead online.

Compare Eiffel Tower Ticket Options for Second Level or Exclusive Summit Access

When considering options for tickets to the iconic Eiffel monument in Paris, visitors have the choice between accessing either a higher level with an exclusive view or a lower level with a wider field of vision. The summit access ticket provides admission to the topmost tier of the tower, offering unparalleled views of the city from 276 meters above ground level. Visitors who choose this option will be able to see panoramic views of Paris and landmarks such as Notre Dame Cathedral and Les Invalides.

On the other hand, those looking for a more immersive experience can opt for second-tier access tickets. This ticket grants admission to the second tier of the tower, which is located at 115 meters above ground level. From here, visitors can admire stunning views while enjoying an elevator journey that lasts approximately two minutes. The ascent takes passengers through various levels that offer glimpses of Parisian life and architecture before finally reaching their destination on the second tier.


Get Skip-the-Line Access on a Guided Tour to the Eiffel Tower’s Second Floor

Experience panoramic views of the enchanting cityscape while learning about the historical significance of this Paris landmark with a direct access tour to the second level of the Eiffel Tower. This tour offers immediate entry and unrestricted access to the middle level, allowing you to skip the ticket line and spend more time enjoying your visit. A live tour guide is available in English, providing an informative presentation on the history of this iconic tower.

There are various ticket variations available for this tour, including options for those who wish to ascend to the summit or simply admire stunning views from the second level. The duration of this activity is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, and it is certified by GetYourGuide. While waiting times for security and elevators should be expected, this direct access tour ensures that you can make the most out of your visit without any delays or complications.

Ascend to the Eiffel Tower’s Summit by Elevator for Breathtaking Panoramic Views

This tour offers the opportunity to ascend to the highest level of the iconic Paris landmark via elevator, providing stunning panoramic views and an immersive experience of one of France’s most recognizable symbols. After meeting at the History Group Office and exchanging vouchers, visitors will enjoy immediate entry into the Eiffel Tower, bypassing long waiting lines. The guide will provide a presentation on the history of this world-famous attraction before leading guests up to the middle level by elevator.

Once on this intermediate floor, visitors can admire breathtaking views of Paris from above. Unrestricted access is provided to viewing platforms for Notre Dame Cathedral and Les Invalides. From there, visitors can take another elevator to reach the summit and witness unparalleled panoramic vistas stretching out over all of Paris. This tour offers an unforgettable experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits this breathtaking landmark.

Transitioning seamlessly into the subsequent section about ‘direct access tour to summit,’ visitors should note that for those looking for even quicker access, a direct access tour to summit is also available for purchase.

A Fast Track to the Top: Guided Tour With Direct Summit Access at the Eiffel Tower

The forthcoming section offers a faster option for those seeking speedy entrance to the highest level of the renowned French landmark, providing an unparalleled panoramic perspective and an educational encounter of one of the world’s most iconic symbols. The Direct Access Tour to Summit allows visitors to skip the long lines and obtain immediate entry to the uppermost floor of the Eiffel Tower. With this package, guests will have access to both levels below as well, ensuring they do not miss out on any sightseeing opportunities. An experienced sightseeing guide will accompany visitors throughout their ascending experience while offering valuable historical insights into this Paris landmark.

To further enhance this unforgettable experience, we have created a table that outlines important details about this tour package:

DurationApproximately 2 hours
Meeting PointHistory Group Office
InclusionsSkip-the-line access to all three levels (ground level, middle level and summit); Sightseeing guide; Elevator access from ground level up until second-floor; Stairs-only access from second floor up until summit; Complimentary audio-guides available in multiple languages

Daytime & Sunset Tours: Discover the Eiffel Tower’s Views & Romance

The Eiffel Tower is a Paris landmark that draws millions of visitors every year. As one of the most iconic structures in the world, it is no surprise that there are multiple ways to experience this towering monument. If you want an intermediate ascending experience without having to climb all the stairs, then a daytime or sunset tour might be perfect for you.

With this type of access ticket, visitors can choose to ascend either to the second level or all the way up to the summit by elevator. Daytime visits offer stunning views over Paris and its landmarks, while sunset tours bring an added sense of romance as the city lights start twinkling below. There are also food choices available at both levels if you want to grab a bite while admiring the view. However, it is important to note that waiting times for elevators can be quite long during peak tourist season, so patience may be required!

Experience the Thrilling Elevator Ride to the Top Floor of the Eiffel Tower

As visitors ascend to the highest point of the Paris landmark via elevator, they embark on an ascending experience that is both thrilling and awe-inspiring. The vertical travel up the Eiffel Tower’s summit offers a unique perspective of the city and its surroundings. During this journey, visitors pass through the middle level, where they can pause to take in views of iconic landmarks such as Notre Dame Cathedral and Les Invalides.

The elevator ride to the top floor is an essential part of any trip to the Eiffel Tower. It provides visitors with a sense of anticipation before reaching their final destination, allowing them to appreciate every moment leading up to it. While waiting for their turn, guests can enjoy presentations by live tour guides who share insights into the history and construction of this remarkable structure. Additionally, they can admire panoramic views from lower levels before reaching new heights atop one of France’s most famous attractions. With each passing moment during this ascent, visitors are reminded why this Parisian landmark remains one of Europe’s most popular destinations for tourists worldwide.

Transition: Once visitors have experienced this unforgettable elevator ride to reach new heights at the summit or second floor, they will want to know more about pricing options for these access tickets.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eiffel Tower Tours

What are the different Eiffel Tower tour options?

There are a few main tour options for visiting the Eiffel Tower:

Guided Tour with Skip-the-Line Access

  • Includes a guide to provide commentary and history while leading you past lines directly to the entrance
  • Offers choice of going to second floor or summit level
  • Duration around 1.5-2 hours

Summit Access Tickets

  • Provides access to the top floor of the Eiffel Tower via stairs or elevator
  • Offers panoramic views of Paris from 276 meters high
  • Less crowded than second floor

Second Floor Access Tickets

  • Grants access to the second floor at 115 meters high
  • Features restaurants, souvenir shops, outdoor decks
  • Wide field of view across Paris skyline

Direct Access Tours

  • Immediate entry, bypassing queues with pre-purchased tickets
  • Audio guides available in multiple languages
  • Varies between second floor only or summit access

How long do Eiffel Tower tours last?

Most guided tours of the Eiffel Tower range from 1.5-2 hours in duration. This includes the time needed for security checks, meeting guides, elevator rides, and enjoying the views at the top. Solo visits generally take 1-2 hours as well depending on crowds and lines.

What is the best time of day to visit the Eiffel Tower?

The two best times are early morning when it opens or late afternoon towards sunset. Early morning beat the crowds, while late afternoon sees cooler temps and beautiful golden hour light. At night, the tower sparkles with lights on the hour. Avoid between 11am-4pm as lines tend to be longest then.

What are the highlights of an Eiffel Tower tour?

Highlights include:

  • Panoramic views of Paris from overlooks on second floor or summit
  • Seeing iconic landmarks like Notre Dame, Les Invalides, Arc de Triomphe
  • Learning about the history and construction from guides
  • Photographing the tower from below and views from the top
  • Unique perspective of city from high vantage points

Are there age or physical restrictions to climb the Eiffel Tower?

There are no age restrictions, but children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult. Those with limited mobility can take the elevator up instead of stairs. The summit has fewer elevators than lower levels. Overall, a reasonable level of fitness is recommended to fully enjoy and walk around the tower.

What are the main access options by elevator vs. stairs?

Elevator: Quick ride up but often long lines. Available to 2nd floor or top floor.

Stairs: 700+ steps up with no lines. Provides a more active climb with better views along the way. Access only to 2nd floor.

Should I buy Eiffel Tower tickets in advance?

Yes, booking advance tickets online allows you to skip the long queues at the ticketing booths. This saves significant time upon arrival. Tickets sell out so reserve them early. Bring a printed copy or show e-tickets on your mobile device.


In conclusion, the Eiffel Tower is a must-visit attraction when in Paris. With the option to choose between access to the second floor or summit, visitors can enjoy stunning panoramic views of Paris and learn about the history of this iconic landmark from knowledgeable guides. Whether you take the stairs or lifts, your journey to the top will be an unforgettable experience.

The Eiffel Tower has been described as a “symbol of love and romance” and it truly lives up to its reputation. As you ascend towards the sky on one of Europe’s most famous structures, you’ll feel a sense of awe and wonder that is hard to put into words. The overall rating of 4.3/5 based on 12,759 reviews speaks volumes about how much people love this activity. So book now and get ready for an adventure that will take your breath away!

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