Explore the Enchanting Underwater World at Paris Aquarium

Discover the Magic of Aquarium de Paris

Explore the wonders of the ocean with Paris Aquarium tickets, and immerse yourself in a tropical aquarium that boasts more than 10,000 fish from around the globe. One of the most popular attractions in Paris, Aquarium de Paris offers an unforgettable experience for people of all ages. The Medusarium at Paris Aquarium is a must-see for visitors, where you can witness stunning jellyfish up close and personal.

Plan your visit to the Aquarium de Paris today! With free cancellation up to 24 hours in advance and value for money at £18.25 per person, it’s easy to see why this attraction is a top choice among travelers. Don’t miss out on this chance to explore marine life from around the world, touch and feed fish in an interactive touch pool, learn through workshops and live shows, and discover more about fish-related documentaries and cartoons in the cinema. Get ready to dive into an underwater world like no other!

As you step into this incredible venue full of aquatic life and animals, it’s hard not to wonder about its history. Let’s take a look at how Aquarium de Paris came to be one of the most fascinating places in France!

Unveiling the Fascinating History of Aquarium de Paris

The history of the Aquarium de Paris is a fascinating tale that delves into the depths of marine biology and aquatic research. Originally built for the 1937 World’s Fair, this aquarium has been a popular attraction in Paris for over 80 years. Located in the Trocadéro Gardens with views of the Eiffel Tower and Seine River, it boasts a 3,500-square-meter venue filled with more than 10,000 fish from around the world. In addition to its permanent exhibits, it also features temporary displays such as the jellyfish exhibit that showcases these mesmerizing creatures in all their glory.

Over time, this aquarium has evolved into more than just an entertainment venue but also serves as a hub for scientific research and conservation efforts. Its team of marine biologists work tirelessly to study marine life and make discoveries that can help protect our oceans. The aquarium hosts educational programs and workshops for children and adults alike to learn about marine biology and environmental issues facing our planet today. With your Paris aquarium tickets, you too can explore this rich history while discovering the magic of aquatic life firsthand.

As you move forward towards understanding what is the Paris Aquarium?, prepare yourself to be awed by its vast collection of sea creatures ranging from sharks to colorful clown fish.

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Exploring the Wonders of Paris Aquarium

You’ll be amazed by the over 10,000 fish from around the world at this 3,500-square-meter venue that also serves as a hub for scientific research and conservation efforts, making it an incredible destination for anyone passionate about marine biology and environmental issues. The Paris Aquarium is not just any tropical aquarium; it’s a must-see attraction in the heart of Paris. With your Paris Aquarium tickets, you can explore the depths of the ocean without ever leaving the city.

One of the highlights of the Paris Aquarium is its Medusarium – a mesmerizing exhibit dedicated to jellyfish. But that’s not all; you can also touch and feed fish in an interactive touch pool, watch fish-related documentaries and cartoons in the cinema, take part in workshops and live shows. There is something for everyone at this aquatic wonderland. So why visit Paris Aquarium? Let’s find out!

Top Reasons to Visit Paris Aquarium

Discover the wonders of marine life and immerse yourself in an underwater world full of magic and mystery with this amazing experience. With Paris Aquarium Tickets, you can explore the vast 3,500-square-meter venue that houses more than 10,000 fish from around the globe. One of the top attractions at Paris Aquarium is the Shark Basin where you can witness these magnificent creatures up close. Get ready to be amazed as they swim gracefully right before your very eyes.

Another must-see attraction at Paris Aquarium is the Medusarium which features a mesmerizing display of jellyfish. The stunning colors and ethereal movements of these sea creatures will leave you in awe. But it’s not just about sightseeing as there are interactive exhibits too! You can touch and feed fish at the Touch Pool or take part in fish-themed workshops and live shows for an immersive learning experience. Don’t forget to catch some documentaries and cartoons about marine life at the cinema too! Your ticket allows you free access to all exhibitions and workshops so make sure to make full use of it!

Unlocking the Benefits of Your Paris Aquarium Ticket

Ready to explore the wonders of marine life and immerse yourself in an underwater world full of magic and mystery? With this amazing experience, you’ll have access to all exhibitions and workshops at the Paris Aquarium. Get up close with more than 10,000 fish from around the globe, including sharks, sea urchins, clown fish, and sting rays. Don’t miss out on the incredible shark exhibit or the mesmerizing jellyfish exhibit.

To make the most of your visit to the Paris Aquarium, it’s important to organize your trip ahead of time by purchasing tickets in advance. This not only ensures that you won’t have to wait in long lines but also allows for a more seamless experience once you arrive. Plus, by booking ahead of time you can often find great deals on Paris Aquarium tickets!

Guide to Purchasing Paris Aquarium Tickets Efficiently

So, you’re thinking about taking a plunge into the world of marine life and want to know the best way to snag tickets without breaking the bank? Well, lucky for you, we’ve got some insider tips on how to purchase your admission to the Aquarium de Paris. Firstly, purchasing your tickets online is definitely the most efficient way to go about it. You’ll be able to avoid long queues at the ticket counter and can easily compare prices from different websites. Plus, if you book in advance, you might even be able to score a discount or special deal.

Another thing to note is that certain days and times tend to be busier than others. For example, weekends and holidays are often packed with visitors eager to explore all that this aquarium has to offer. If possible, try booking your visit during off-peak hours for a more tranquil experience. And don’t forget about special exhibits like the shark exhibit and live feeding shows – these events usually require an additional ticket or reservation so be sure to plan accordingly!

Now that you’ve secured your Paris aquarium tickets let’s dive into what makes this attraction so special – its highlights!

Must-See Highlights of Paris Aquarium

You’ll be transported to an underwater world as you explore the 3,500-square-meter venue of the Paris Aquarium de Paris. With over 10,000 fish from around the globe, including sharks, sea urchins, clown fish, and sting rays, there is so much to see and discover. You won’t want to miss out on the live shows with an ever-changing program or the interactive workshops that are available daily. Get up close and personal with marine life at the touch pool where you can stroke and feed the fish.

One highlight of your visit should be a trip to the shark basin exhibit where you can witness live feeding demonstrations. You’ll have a chance to see these majestic creatures up close while learning about their behavior in their natural habitat. Another must-see exhibit is the jellyfish exhibit which features stunning displays of these mesmerizing creatures in various colors and sizes. There’s no doubt that visiting this aquarium will be an unforgettable experience for both adults and children alike!

Experience the Thrill at Paris Aquarium’s Shark Basin

Get ready to witness live feeding demonstrations and see these majestic creatures up close in the shark basin exhibit with your entry passes for Paris Aquarium. The shark exhibit is one of the most popular attractions at the aquarium, featuring a variety of different species such as blacktip reef sharks, sand tiger sharks, and zebra sharks. You can watch as they glide through the water and circle their prey during feeding time. The knowledgeable staff will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have about these fascinating creatures.

But that’s not all – there’s also an underwater tunnel where you can walk through while surrounded by sharks swimming above you! It’s truly a unique experience that you won’t forget. Make sure to add this exhibit to your must-see list when visiting Paris Aquarium. Now, let’s dive into the next section about the aquatic cinema.

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Immerse in the Unique Aquatic Cinema at Paris Aquarium

Experience the magic of the ocean in a whole new way at the Aquatic Cinema – have you ever watched fish-related documentaries and cartoons while surrounded by marine life? At the Aquarium de Paris, this is possible! With Paris Aquarium tickets, you can enjoy access to all exhibitions and workshops, including the unique experience of watching movies in an underwater setting. The Aquatic Cinema is a 360-degree cinema that allows you to immerse yourself in a world of marine life.

In addition to documentaries about aquatic creatures, you can also watch cartoons featuring fish characters on a big screen. As you sit back and watch these films, marvel at the live feeding exhibitions happening around you. The Aquatic Cinema offers an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. So don’t miss out on this opportunity when visiting the Aquarium de Paris! Continue your journey into the tropical aquarium section next.

Venture into the Vibrant Tropical Aquarium at Paris Aquarium

Step into a vibrant world of color and life as you explore the Tropical Aquarium, one of the many highlights of your Paris aquarium tickets. This exhibit boasts over 10,000 fish from around the globe swimming in a stunning 3,500-square-meter venue. The exotic fish exhibit is truly a sight to behold with its unique and rare species that will leave you in awe.

As you stroll through the aquarium, take some time to visit the koi fish touch tank where you can get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures. The touch pool allows for an interactive experience where you can stroke and feed the fish while learning about their habitat and behavior. You’ll come away with newfound knowledge about these fascinating animals and their importance to our ecosystem. But don’t stop there! There’s plenty more to see at the Tropical Aquarium before heading off to your next adventure at the Seine River Aquarium.

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Exploring the Diverse Species at Seine River Aquarium

You’ll be transported to the banks of the Seine River as you enter the next section, where you’ll discover a whole new world of aquatic life. The Seine River Aquarium is home to a variety of species that call rivers and lakes their homes. Take a look at the table below for some examples:

SpeciesHabitatFun Fact
European EelRivers and Coasts of EuropeThey can live up to 50 years!
Pike PerchLakes and Rivers in Europe and AsiaThey are known for their tasty meat.
SturgeonLakes and Rivers in North America, Europe, and AsiaThey can weigh over 800 pounds!
CatfishFreshwater habitats around the worldSome species have been known to swallow prey larger than themselves!

But that’s not all – make sure to schedule your visit during the jellyfish exhibit to see these mesmerizing creatures up close. The medusarium features several species of jellyfish from around the world, including moon jellies, blue blubbers, and upside-down jellies. You won’t want to miss this unique display during your visit to the Paris Aquarium de Paris.

Discover the Mesmerizing Medusarium at Paris Aquarium

Get ready to be mesmerized by the jellyfish exhibit in the Medusarium at Paris Aquarium, where you can witness several species of these captivating creatures from around the world up close. As you enter this section of the aquarium with your Paris Aquarium tickets, you’ll be greeted by a darkened room illuminated solely by colorful tanks filled with jellyfish. It’s an otherworldly experience that’s sure to leave you in awe.

  • Watch as various species of jellyfish gracefully float through their tanks
  • Learn about their interesting habits and behaviors through informative displays
  • Take stunning photos under the multicolored lighting that accentuates each creature’s natural beauty.
  • Enjoy a peaceful environment brought on by calming music and dimmed lights.

As you move through the Medusarium, make sure to keep an eye out for different kinds of jellyfish exhibits. Some are interactive, allowing visitors to press buttons that change the colors or patterns of light within the tank. Others have touchscreens that offer additional information about each species on display. With so much to see and do here, it’s no wonder why this particular jellyfish display is one of the most popular attractions among visitors with Paris Aquarium tickets.

Now that you’ve explored one of the highlights of Paris Aquarium, it’s time for something even more exciting: The Mermaid Show!

Experience the Enchanting Mermaid Show at Paris Aquarium

You’re in for a real treat because it’s time to witness the Mermaid Show – an enchanting spectacle that will leave you speechless! Head to the underwater theater and watch as beautiful mermaids glide through the water with grace and elegance. You’ll be mesmerized by their synchronized movements and stunning costumes.

The Mermaid Show is just one of many live shows you can enjoy with your Paris Aquarium tickets. Be sure not to miss out on the live feeding demos, where you can watch as aquarium staff feed different species of fish and marine animals. It’s a great opportunity to learn about their diets and behaviors while observing them up close.

Witness the Exciting Live Feeding Demos at Paris Aquarium

Don’t miss out on the exciting live feeding demos during your visit to the Aquarium de Paris with your purchased Paris aquarium tickets. This is a unique opportunity for you to observe various species of fish and marine animals up close as they are fed by the aquarium staff. You will also learn about their diets and behaviors, making it an educational experience for both adults and children alike. Be sure to check out the shark exhibit, where you can witness these magnificent creatures being fed.

In addition to the live feeding demos, make sure to catch a screening at the marine cinema, which showcases documentaries and cartoons related to aquatic life. This adds another layer of entertainment and education during your visit. After observing all of these activities, it’s time for some hands-on fun at the koi fish touch tank!

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Interactive Fun at Paris Aquarium’s Koi Fish Touch Tank

Step right up and experience the thrill of touching and feeding koi fish in the interactive touch tank at the Paris Aquarium. With your Paris Aquarium tickets, you’ll get access to this unique exhibit that allows visitors to interact with these beautiful fish up close. The koi fish touch tank is just one of many exhibits at this 3,500-square-meter venue, which also features a tropical fish tank with over 10,000 fish from around the globe.

The koi fish interactive exhibit is a great way to learn about these fascinating creatures while getting hands-on experience. Visitors can watch as they swim gracefully through the water or even feed them by hand! It’s an unforgettable experience that both adults and children will love. After exploring the koi fish touch tank, be sure to check out all of the other activities at the Paris Aquarium.

Engaging Activities to Enjoy at Paris Aquarium

Ready for more aquatic adventures at the Paris Aquarium? With your entrance ticket, there are plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Head over to the shark basin where you can get up close and personal with these magnificent creatures. Watch them glide through the water and learn about their behavior from expert guides. For a truly immersive experience, don’t miss the medusarium at Paris Aquarium. Enter a world of glowing jellyfish and marvel at their beauty as they pulse and sway in their tanks.

But that’s not all – the Paris Aquarium offers a variety of shows and workshops throughout the day. Catch the mermaid show where performers swim alongside fish in an underwater ballet, or attend one of the many interactive workshops to learn even more about marine life. With so much to see and do, you’ll want to plan your visit ahead of time!

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Are you ready to explore the wonders of the ocean and get up close with sharks, jellyfish, and more? Plan your visit to the Paris Aquarium now and enjoy a day filled with interactive workshops, live shows, and over 10,000 fish from around the world. Purchase your Paris Aquarium tickets ahead of time for a hassle-free experience.

Upon arriving at the Trocadéro Gardens, head over to the Aquarium de Paris Cinéaqua to begin your journey through marine life. Make sure not to miss out on some of the top exhibits such as the shark exhibit where you can see these majestic creatures up close or the jellyfish exhibit that features stunningly beautiful creatures that light up in the dark. With so much to do at the aquarium including interactive touch pools where you can feed and stroke fish or attending live shows with an ever-changing program, there’s something for everyone. Don’t forget to check out their daily program of workshops before planning out your day!

Here is a FAQ section for the Paris Aquarium page using optimized keywords:

Frequently Asked Questions About Visiting Paris Aquarium

What are the highlights at Paris Aquarium?

Some of the top highlights at the Paris Aquarium include the shark basin, jellyfish exhibit, tropical aquarium, mermaid show, and live feeding demonstrations. The shark basin allows you to see sharks like sand tiger sharks and zebra sharks up close, while the jellyfish exhibit features mesmerizing jellyfish tanks. The tropical aquarium houses over 10,000 fish from around the world.

What kinds of shows and demonstrations take place at the aquarium?

Paris Aquarium offers exciting live shows and interactive demonstrations daily. Don’t miss the enchanting Mermaid Show in the underwater theater. You can also attend riveting live feeding demonstrations to observe sharks, fish, and other marine life get fed.

Are there opportunities to get hands-on with marine life?

Yes, one of the best interactive experiences is visiting the Koi Fish Touch Tank. Here you can touch and feed the koi fish, getting an up-close look at these fascinating creatures. The aquarium also has workshops you can participate in to learn more about marine biology.

What is the Medusarium at Paris Aquarium?

The Medusarium is a special jellyfish exhibit featuring mesmerizing displays of various jellyfish species from around the world. You’ll be impressed by the otherworldly experience of seeing jellyfish illuminate dark rooms with their natural glow. It’s a must-see attraction.

Is there an aquatic cinema at the aquarium?

Yes, Paris Aquarium has a one-of-a-kind Aquatic Cinema where you can view fish-related documentaries and cartoons while surrounded by the marine life exhibits. It’s a fully immersive screening experience.

When is the best time to visit Paris Aquarium?

The aquarium tends to be busiest on weekends and holidays. For a more relaxed visit, plan your trip during off-peak hours like weekdays or early in the day. Purchasing tickets online in advance is also recommended to skip ticket counter lines.

What is the best way to get to Paris Aquarium?

Paris Aquarium is located in the Trocadero Gardens, with amazing views of the Eiffel Tower and Seine River. The nearest metro stop is Trocadéro on Lines 6 and 9. You can also take RER C to the Champ de Mars Tour Eiffel station.

Are there special exhibits at certain times of the year?

Yes, Paris Aquarium has temporary and seasonal exhibits year-round. This includes additional jellyfish displays in the medusarium. Check their website when planning your visit for special exhibits and events.

Is Paris Aquarium suitable for kids?

Definitely! With interactive touch tanks, marine shows, cartoons, and workshops, Paris Aquarium is fun and engaging for children and adults. It’s an excellent family-friendly activity.


Congratulations! You have all the information you need to dive into the wonders of the ocean at the Aquarium de Paris. As you step through the entrance, get ready to be transported into an underwater world full of vibrant colors and fascinating creatures. The touch pool provides a unique opportunity to feel the slimy scales of a stingray or brush your fingers over the smooth skin of a shark.

As you wander through the 3,500-square-meter venue, take in all the sights and sounds around you. From sea urchins to clown fish, there is something for everyone to discover here. And don’t forget about the live shows that will leave you mesmerized by these aquatic performers.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your ticket and dive into this unforgettable experience at Aquarium de Paris. Let yourself be captivated by this symbol of beauty and wonder that lies beneath our oceans – it’s an adventure not to be missed!

Further Resources for Your Journey

For more information on the enchanting underwater world at the Paris Aquarium, consider exploring these external resources. The official website of Aquarium de Paris offers a wealth of information about the exhibits and marine life you can expect to see. The Paris Tourist Office provides additional details about the aquarium and its significance in Paris. Visitors have shared their experiences and reviews on TripAdvisor, which could provide valuable insights for your journey. Lastly, Come to Paris offers practical information such as opening hours and ticket prices. Dive deeper into your underwater adventure with these resources!

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